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L-Protection anti-perforation: safer than steel!

AgroWorkers has always used the L-Protection anti-perforation midsole that guarantees the highest standards of resistance against perforation.

On many models, indicated in the catalogue, AgroWorkers uses the latest generation of ZERO PERFORATION midsoles QFLEX TXT6, conform to the new standard EN ISO 12568:2010, requiring at 1100N, a nail must not pass through the midsole. Thanks to the strobel stitched midsole, 100% of the surface remains protected.

The thermal insulation, flexibility and softness are also excellent. The L-Protection midsoles are not detectable by metal detectors.


WINDTEX waterproof membrane

The WINDTEX lightweight membrane is waterproof, combining softness, durability and elasticity. In addition, it provides maximum breathability, great comfort, good thermal exchange and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

This membrane is ideal for all working conditions, guaranteeing the highest levels of comfort and wellness to the worker. WINDTEX, We are proud to keep your feet dry!


PLASMAFEEL breathable lining

PLASMAFEEL is a revolutionary lining. A lining which is extremely breathable, leaving the foot feeling revitalized and relaxed when working. The material absorbs perspiration and immediately expels it avoiding that unpleasant wet feeling.

The PLASMAFEEL lining is bonded together with a remarkable technique resulting in high resistant and flexible quality structures which are applied to the inner section of the footwear.

No matter how challenging the working environment can be, the PLASMAFEEL lining will resist wear, tear abrasions and provides the right comfort to any movement.


Composite toe cap

AgroWorkers has developed an exclusive range of toe caps made with composite materials, obtaining excellent levels of certification, also in the demanding North American markets.

Thanks to its exclusive combination of multi layers of fiberglass, resin and Kevlar, our toecaps guarantee the highest level of safety in the most difficult working conditions, maintaining the AgroWorkers DNA of comfort and wellness.


AgroWorkers soles: SRC rule satisfied!

SRC rule provides for the highest standard on slip sole. For us, “S.R.S.” compliance is a tangible sign of constructive care and respect of the highest standards. Obtaining for all of our footwear the prerogative “SRC Rule Satisfied” means meeting the requirements of the new rule on slip sole EN ISO 20345:2004/A1: 2007.

The following table sets out, for both the bi-density PU soles and the AgroWorkers technical rubber soles, the improved features of our SRC soles.

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Note: Initially, new footwear may show less resistance to slipping than the test result indicates. Moreover, resistance of footwear to slipping may change according to the condition of wear and tear of the sole. Compliance with specifications does not guarantee absence of slipping under any condition.